Treat&Co Proposal

February 26th, 2018


8 weeks


What's Included
Site creation on Webflow
Our team works within the platform called Webflow. No other platform will be used (e.g. Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc).
All pages included in Sitemap
See the sitemap section below.
Designs, illustrations and stock photography
Website copy
The site will perform on every device.
SEO Review
The site will be built with the best SEO standards in mind.
Content Management System
The CRM will allow your team to manage content going forward.
A/B testing setup
We will set up ability for ongoing A/B testing through Google Optimize or Optimizely.
Webflow training (2 hours)
Will educate your team on using the Webflow design tool, as well as the CMS.
Post-launch website support/work (10 hours)
This does not include fixes for bugs we made, as those will be fixed for free by us. This includes overflow work that were not thought of by Treat&Co during the project.
Additional work beyond 10 hours will be treated as a new project/proposal.
What's NOT Included
Content writing
While we will do website copy, we will not write long form content (e.g. blog posts).
Video/Photography creation
We will not create any videos or be responsible for taking photographs.
Ongoing A/B Testing or Growth
We will setup the ability to A/B test, but will not be responsible for ongoing A/B testing, landing page creation, or other growth responsibilities.
Website hosting
Website hosting via Webflow will be an additional $20 - $50 per month.
Custom application development
Any design or development unrelated to the website will not be included in scope.
Digital ad spend
All digital marketing spend (including driving traffic to pages for A/B tests) will be provided by Treat&Co.

Sitemap (9 Pages)

1. Homepage
2. About + Team

This page will include information about the company, culture and display the team members. Not only should this page be informative, but encourage new hires to join the team!

Persona Pages
3. Home Owners
4. Lenders
5. Real Estate Agents
Content Pages
6. Press

A page to feature all the articles and press written about Treat&Co.

7. All Blog Posts
8. Individual Blog Post
9. Landing Page Template

We will create a landing page template that can be used as needed for ongoing digital marketing and content marketing.

Billing and Payment

Billing Schedule

The project will be billed in 3 payments made over the course of the project.

- 50% of the project estimate ($9,000) will be billed before any work is started.

- 25% of the project estimate ($4,500) will be billed on the 28th of the month in which the project begins.

- 25% of the project estimate ($4,500) will be billed on the final day of the project.

Billing Method

For this project we will require the client (Treat&Co) to add their business bank information (ACH Information). Bolder By Design will automatically debit this bank account in accordance to the Billing Schedule amount.

By agreeing and signing this contract, the client agrees to have their bank account debited the amounts listed in Billing Schedule.

Timeline (7 Weeks)

March 5th
Project Start Date

50% of the estimated project amount will be billed on this date.

March 5th - 9th

The first week will be a lot of learning. We will meet with all parties involved to get their perspective on the website. We will use this time to create the first wireframes for the homepage and other important pages.

March 12th - April 6th
Website Building

We'll iterate on what we've learned during the first week and begin the website building process. This process will involve a lot of back-and-forth and will be a very collaborative process.

March 28th
Second Billing Date

25% of the remaining balance will be billed on this date.

April 9th
Soft Launch

We will launch the website, but will not announce any new changes to the world yet. The soft launch allows us to get the site live, and begin testing anything we've come about during the building process (e.g. if we are split on a direction, we will note it and test it during this phase).

April 9th - 27th
A/B Testing

This process involves setting up any tests on the site that we've identified during the building process. This could include testing the homepage heading, section layouts, and more. In order for this process to work well, we may need to use Facebook ads to drive traffic.

April 30th
Website Launch

Now that we've tested pages we were unsure of, we can launch the site and announce it to the world. The final Website payment will be billed on this date.